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Our Services

Design Assist/Design Build      

With our in-house engineering department, IronFab DC is the industry leader in the Design-Assist/Design-Build delivery method. Our engineering group utilizes the latest technology and BIM systems (Building Information Modeling) to deliver our clients the most cost-effective steel design possible. By participating in preconstruction design meetings and providing budgeting along the way, we provide our clients with comprehensive turn-key solutions for their structural steel, miscellaneous and ornamental metals needs.

Our Services


IronFab DC strives to be a leader in the health and safety of our employees, and our goal is the total elimination of accidents through out the projects. We approach safety with proper planning, good organization, and effective management-oriented controls. We understand that safety does not occur by chance. It is the personal responsibility of everyone within our organization, whether laborer, foreman, executive, project manager, superintendent or engineer. Our jobs are maintained in a clear and orderly state to encourage safe, efficient working habits.
Our philosophy is that no job is so important that we cannot take the time to do it safely. Safety will always take precedence over more expedient, unsafe work operations. We provide equipment and resources that will make for a safe workplace. We provide safety training and make sure that our team understands the “Safety and Health Standards” that are presented at all of our fabrication facilities and job sites.

Our Services


IronFab DC leads the way when it comes to efficient, creative options for erecting your project. We emphasize detailed planning and coordination between fabricators, customers and other trades to ensure tasks are accomplished effectively and safely. We have always followed lean principles such as just in time delivery as an integral part of fabrication and erection processes. These methods maximize value and minimize waste for the whole project, not just our part of it. Our planning and coordination methods are focused on making things happen, not simply monitoring what has already occurred. We bring added value to any project, big or small.

Our Services


At IronFab DC our experience with steel fabrication helped build a network of specialized fabricators who are equipped with the skills and equipment to provide custom and production structural steel, miscellaneous and ornamental metals fabrication for any large, medium, or small scale projects. Our fabricator partners have a wealth of experience with traditional systems and forward-looking steel framing designs. This enables IronFab DC to deliver precision steel products quickly, giving our customers a profitable lead time for their schedules.

Our Services


IronFab DC employs the use of BIM tools for the 3D modeling/detailing on each project, embedding every object with vital data that allows us to manage our jobs with maximum efficiency, both upstream and downstream. . It also assists in clash detection, allowing us to see issues with fit-up prior to the fabrication of any components. With the ever-rising costs of today’s construction, this type of technology is essential in the fabrication process. This offers unparalleled insight into our projects for real-time reporting and information-rich 3D model review.

Our Services

Project Management

With a wide range of knowledge that includes simple tenant fit outs to complex industrial and residential buildings, IronFab DC project management team provides expertise, guidance and dedication to owners and customers.

We offer the following project management services:
* Value engineering to maintain and/or reduce project costs
* Coordination of all interfacing parts to ensure accurate fit-up including structural steel, bearings,
mechanical and electrical elements, and ancillary pieces
* Scheduling assistance between all parties in order to complete your project on time
* Consistent communication of project status between IronFab DC and customers
* On-site assistance for owners and customers

Our team is committed to meeting customers’ expectations through proper planning, preparation and proactive attitudes. We complete each project on time and on budget.

Our Services


Through our in-house engineering department, IronFab DC is proud to offer preconstruction design/engineering and budgeting to our clients. If you are considering building a project, we encourage you to leverage our capabilities in order to expedite your construction schedule. We’ll provide you with a thorough analysis of your steel and metals project needs including a detailed cost breakdown so you can develop your construction plan accordingly. This is just one of the many advantages our clients enjoy when IronFab DC is contacted in the early stages of a project.